There is more that Bliss Tattoos can offer !

Corporate services

We have collaborated with many brands, stores and clubs worldwide to create unique packs of branded high quality tattoos to fit their corporate image.

We can create high quality Individual tattoos, custom made tattoos, or design branded packs of all sizes to suit your needs.

Why not design your logo into a sparkling high quality tattoo, this has proven to be a fantastic way to build awareness, create some buzz around a brand and a great way to animate any corporate event.

We really tailor our services to suit you and have an array of event packages to offer.

For individuals

We can create custom made tattoos for your special occasion

Bliss Tattoos offers tattoo services. Our tattoos are a fantastic way to animate any event. We have provided our unique services to bring a touch of sparkle in weddings, birthdays, and theme parties, we provide for all occasions.

Our services are tailor made to suit your needs.